Understanding the Meaning of News

You need to understand the exact meaning of News acronym. Result sgp The acronym SOX stands for State of the News, Economy and Politics. Apart from the above, News is defined by different writers and correspondents of mass communication. A news item is anything that is announced or reported by any media including radio, television, newspaper, magazines, websites and books.


It is an established fact that news agencies across the world have a very close relationship with the Press Association of Publishers (PAP) and Associated Press. AP supplies news agencies with news items on a daily basis and PAP provides them with news agencies listings. PAP also publishes many newspapers worldwide, but exclusive rights are given to AP. It is not unknown for news agencies to receive press releases from AP instead of from other sources.

This closeness of relationship between news agencies and the press association is the reason that news services today depend mainly on press association information for their news updates and catalogues. Without this information they would not be able to operate or publish their news agency. The Press Association has published standards and guidelines on what constitutes a news item, a news story or a news report. A news service is bound to follow the set guidelines or it could get into serious trouble with its funders.