Designer Babies and Designer Drugs

“Selling my designer clothes online” is an excellent question that could almost always be the starting point of a very successful relationship. Designer clothes are of course of very high quality and the first thing that a customer will notice about your clothing is the design. A good designer clothes lines will have a certain flair and individuality about them, they will look great on almost every body type. So how do you get noticed? Here are a few tips:


Designer Babies: designer babies have been in the news recently due to the use of genetic engineering and some pretty scary celebrities have made statements saying that they wouldn’t want their children to be born with genetic disorders. Designer clothing lines have always been very popular and one of the reasons for this is because so many celebrities wear them. Also designer babies tend to be very expensive, but in the same time these celebrity babies can be attributed to the rise of designer styles in the 2000s. The trends from the early 2000s seem to be hitting all areas of society but the upper class, they like it when it’s “hip and happening”, they also like to buy the newest styles. This has led to a new trend in the 2000s of low cost, cheap clothing that is cutting edge, stylish and affordable. Look for the designer baby clothing in these recessionary times.

Designer Drugs: designer drugs are also popular in the 2000s, but as with fashion, it’s about trends and celebrities. Synthetic drugs have been extremely popular in the recent years due to the ease of use, and the glamorous image that many people have when they are wearing designer clothes. It’s no surprise that designer drugs are the next big thing for both the health conscious and the teenager looking to make a statement about their image. Designer drugs are also associated with performance enhancing drugs and can be extremely dangerous and damaging to your health.