Examples of News

Examples of news can be seen in headlines (newspaper and magazine), breaking news, critical articles (columnists on radio and TV), and feature stories (business columnists). The news has been a part of our everyday lives ever since the dawn of print. With the proliferation of cable TV, especially the satellite news channels, the demand for news stories has risen dramatically. Newspapers, magazines, and wire services have expanded their newsgathering activities to include videos, audio, and photos. All news is an example of “newsworthy” information that changes the world.


News has a unique role in the mass media. It is the first medium of mass communication; it reaches out to the largest possible number of people with the greatest rapidity. Unlike the vast majority of other mass communication forms, news reaches out to its audience with no effort on the part of the news media organization or individual reporters, and the information is immediately transmitted to millions of viewers who may be spread around the world.

This unprecedented ability to instantly transmit and receive feedback has made news stories and information a powerful medium through which news organizations and individual reporters deliver their message to the public. The power of news stories in changing public opinion is one of the reasons that news stories are now being made available through the Internet. Many newspapers and magazines have already made their content available through the Internet; other news organizations are considering expanding their online journalism efforts to include news stories. With increasing competition among newspapers and magazines for online readers, the expansion of online journalism will only benefit the industry.