What Is A Designer?

A designer is usually defined by a term called “designer”. A designer is a person who has a degree of training in many fields and specializes in one or more fields. There are many types of designers. A designer can be an architect, structural engineer, industrial designer, and interior designer. A graphic designer is also a designer but specializes in visual art.


A fashion designer is a person who makes clothes that people will like to wear. A designer clothing company is similar to a clothing manufacturer but instead of making clothes people buy them. The designer clothing industry includes brands like Versace, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger. The designer clothing industry is worth billions of dollars a year. Fashion designers come up with new ideas every season to keep up with the changing fashion trends.

Designer clothing companies make their money in a few different ways. They pay their designers well, so they have incentive to create quality clothing. Designer clothing companies also take a percentage of the sale profits from designer clothing, which makes them even more money. A large portion of designer clothing is sold in department stores as well as specialty shops. Department stores usually sell clothing at a lower price since the bulk of the cost is paid for by the designer.