What is Fashion?

Fashion is a broad genre of dress, footwear, fashion, clothing, accessories, makeup and body posture in a certain situation and at a certain time. The word itself denotes a design pattern defined by fashion as what is currently trending. Fashion designers describe the trends that they are following, and the type of people who follow these trends to have their fashion statements considered fashionable. Today, fashion is an umbrella word for all things related to clothes and fashion. It applies to men, women and children regardless of age, race or social status.


One of the most popular areas of fashion and designer clothing is the fashion world of runway and designer shows. A number of events are held yearly and designers display their latest collection of clothing and handbags. These fashion shows are the most attended and watched events in the fashion world. Some of the world’s best fashion designers as well as celebrities are invited as speakers and keynote speakers at these fashion shows. People from all walks of life attend these fashion shows and admire the finest fashion from around the world.

The fashion industry and clothing business are extremely global and a person can walk into any city in the world and find an outlet that sells that particular designer wear. People not only buy clothes to wear but also to wear fashion. For example, you will see people wearing trainers when they go to work or school; they wear a scarf when going for a jog; they even wear their bed sheets as their undergarments when sleeping at night. This diversity in the use of fashion makes the entire clothing business into one large industry.