An Exposition Of My Travel Experience

Travel is the movement of individuals between different, sometimes distant geographic locations. Travel can take the form of airplane travel, bicycle travel, car travel, bus travel, train travel, bicycle hitchhiking, sightseeing tour, horseback riding, skiing and snowboarding, kayaking, scuba diving, rafting, jet skiing, plane and train travel, bicycle boat travel, monorail, cable car, balloon flight, caravanning and camping. There are also underground waterways and railroad tracks that carry people from one place to another. Travel can also be one-way or round-trip, and generally can be done with or without luggage.


The term “travel” means the entire act of going from beginning to end, and “journeys” refers to the cumulative total of travel and related activities. In general terms, a journey is the act of going from beginning to end, while a journey is the cumulative total of all related activities. Traveling may be internally or externally motivated or both. The term “travel” can also be used in the singular form, “traveling” or” journeying.” In literature, the word “travel” is often used to indicate a span of days, weeks, months, or years.

In travel writing, “travel” is used to describe a series of experiences that result in a single place. For instance, a traveler going east by land takes in sights, experiences, and cultures along the way, whereas a traveler going west by road takes in sights, experiences, cultures, and vehicles along the way. One example of a travel journal is Berry’s book, The Long Drive. This article is my personal view of my daily life as a traveler, and my experience in the world.