Introduction to Fashion Trends

Fashion is a way of individuality and self-expression at a certain time and venue and in a given cultural context, of attire, footwear, fashion, accessories, makeup, hair style, and body language. The word itself implies a fashion trend defined as what is currently popular. It may be in the form of new styles, re-popularisation, the general acceptance of a style, or simply the continued growth of a style due to its increasing popularity.


A good fashion statement has a clear essence that can be appreciated by everyone. The essence of fashion must therefore be expressed through the use of appropriate clothing, accessories and hairstyles. As clothing and accessories change constantly with changing fashion trends, so does the need for knowledgeable and skillful couture stylists who can provide an understanding of the latest fashions. Therefore, couture refers to both the designs and styles of clothes as well as the method of adorning them.

The term couture may apply to women’s clothing and accessories or to men’s wear. Regardless of the division into two categories, fashion trends are always subject to constant flux. New fashions become hot on the catwalk the moment they are launched. There is thus continuous need for knowledgeable designers, tailors and merchandisers. So if you feel you have the talent and are interested in exploring your creative side in fashion trends, then do not hesitate to join fashion shows, especially those designed to indulge in the most cutting-edge styles and trends.