How Does News Make an Impact on Society?

When we talk about news, people tend to think that it is something that is happening in the headlines or somewhere in the world. This is not completely true because news can be as interesting as a flower arranging business. In reality, news is something that is being delivered day by day all over the world. You may have heard that it is impossible to keep up with news, but this is not really true because all over the world, news is being delivered everyday.


Examples of news are Realistic events that have happened: An obvious example of newsworthy event is when somebody makes an amazing catch. Another example is when a woman divorce her husband. An interesting example is a marathon race between two double horses. The reason why this makes newsworthy event is that it involves human activity and this is what is interesting to readers. Since human activity is documented, it makes it interesting for readers to know what is happening all around the world.

News may affect human interest in many ways: News may make people happy or they may affect people positively or negatively. It can also influence the decisions of many people especially when something affects their jobs, families, money, and other important things. Therefore, it can be said that the distribution of news plays a very important role in society. Therefore, as long as there are humans, news will continue to affect the decisions of many people.