Designer Jobs

A designer is a person who designs or creates things, especially things that can be sold. Designing usually involves the application of one’s creative eye. There are various different kinds of designers and one can choose the right kind for themselves depending on their needs, wants and likes. These designers can be found either in an architectural firm where they would be called a designer, or in a software company where they would be called a programmer.


A graphic designer is a person who designs pictures and other visual representations and makes these representations into real things. This job requires great artistic ability along with knowledge about computers as the medium to carry out such designing. The designer uses many tools to come up with his designs. The designer uses many tools like paintbrushes, drawing pens, various types of CAD software, computer-aided design (CAD) software and many more to create his designs.

Motion graphics designer is another job for which there are a number of designer jobs. Motion graphics designer designs the images that are used in advertisements, marketing material, movies, etc for things like advertising logos, television shows, videos, and so on. A motion graphics designer uses a lot of different kinds of media in order to come up with his designs. A computer-generated imagery (CGI) is the most common software that is used by motion graphics designers to design images. The motion graphics designer is found in advertising firms, movie studios, animation houses, web development companies, graphic arts firms, fashion houses, universities, research institutions and so on.