What Is An Interior Designer?

A designer is one who designs, suggests improvements in some existing object, structure or process and the object is usually manufactured or constructed in whole or in part by him. A designer is not only a designer but also he is an architect also. A designer is generally called on to make the drawings of various kinds of buildings and objects and he is supposed to have knowledge of all arts in his field of vision. This combination of knowledge of art and science makes him capable of making plans and drawings of all sorts of things that are useful for man’s use. A designer is usually called upon to give his opinion as to what should be the shape and size of something which he has seen. A designer is said to have trained very hard to be able to get the exact expression to his idea of what should be the shape and size of some object, structure or process and this extreme care and exactness are what gives him the ability to make plans and drawings which are exact up to the smallest detail.


There are different kinds of designers; those who create furniture, house or room accessories; create electronic equipment, machineries, engines, weapons, aircraft, automobiles, motor vehicles, ships and so forth. A designer needs to be well organized; he should have good communication skills, creative and imaginative and able to come up with new ideas, concepts and so forth. They should be able to work fast and should have the right thinking power to design anything. They should also know how to read plans and specifications and how to follow instructions which are given by experts. Some designers create their own designs and others hire other designers to do the designing work for them.

All the designers working today work on computers, so they can work fast and produce hundreds of results in an hour’s time. A designer might create an interior design that will look great in an office or in a home but will look horrible if it is put up outside. The designer works with all the material and colours available; he may use wallpaper, paint and sometimes even metal and glass in his designs. All the designers work on an hourly rate. Some designers range from being very cheap to thousands of dollars per hour.