Using a VPN to Play Online Poker


When playing online poker, it’s important to ensure that you have a reliable VPN. These services should come with a system-wide firewall-based kill-switch and allow you to connect to multiple servers at the same time. Make sure you talk to the company you’re considering before subscribing to their service. You should also make sure to get a dedicated IP address for your VPN service, which only you can use.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a massive increase in traffic on online poker sites. The sudden shortage of live entertainment options has led many casual players to turn to online poker as an alternative. As a result, many operators have reported double or even triple the traffic they experienced before the pandemic hit.

If you want to play online poker for real money, there are several ways to get started. One way is to download the poker client on your computer. You can also download a mobile app that offers poker for free. Most of these applications are compatible with mobile devices, such as iPhones and Androids. In addition to providing access to the game, a good poker site should also provide a customer support line that is available 24 hours a day.

Online poker sites are able to accept many different currencies for deposits. Many of these sites offer various payment options, and will convert funds for you at a much lower rate than a bank. However, some sites only accept U.S. dollars, which is ideal for players who want to “top up” their chip stack on a regular basis.