Understanding The 3 pillars of Social Marketing

Marketing is a term used to describe the sales process used to take advantage of potential customers. The primary purpose of marketing is to effectively reach out to customers and inform them of a product or service they need. With the internet being a primary medium for marketing today, businesses have become serious about marketing their business online. In fact, marketing is now a science that incorporates statistics, analytical studies, and behavioral surveys. Marketing is also an art that takes into consideration the psychology of consumers when they are making buying decisions.

Social marketing is one of the marketing concepts that deal with reaching out to potential consumers via various media such as television, radio, print, and internet. Social marketing is also known by other popular marketing terms such as advertising media, mass communication, and community marketing. Social marketing focuses on using advertising media such as television commercials to sell products or services to specific groups of people. The objective is to affect a broad demographic group with similar ideas, values, and purchasing power so that they will begin to purchase the products or services being advertised.

The ultimate goal of marketing management is to satisfy a customer’s need for a product or service. This is accomplished by providing customers with a superior product or service that is superior to that offered by competitors in the marketplace. A company must be consistent in its message, to ensure that it appeals to the target consumer base. In addition, a company must maintain consistency in order to satisfy future customers as well.