The Basics of Sports Betting


If you’re new to sports betting, consider signing up for an account at Sugarhouse. This sportsbook offers a great opening offer where you can get your first $250 matched and play for free. Signing up for these offers is a great way to build your bankroll and get used to the idea of betting. It is also beneficial to have access to several sportsbooks in order to shop around for the best odds. This way, you can maximize your potential winnings and minimize your risk.

The most common form of sports betting involves placing a bet on the outcome of a specific event. This can include predicting the number of goals in an association football game, the number of yards in an American football game, or how many times a baseball player will hit home run. Parlays are similar to lotteries, but they are not limited to these two options. In either case, you must choose at least two selections and can place as many as you’d like.

Another option is a round robin, which is a series of two-team parlays. A 3-team round robin consists of three 2-team parlays and a wager on the number of goals scored in the second half. A point spread bet is based on the point spread, which is the number of points a favored team must win to cover the “spread.” These bets are typically offered at 11 to 10 odds. In other words, if you bet $11 on a game, you’ll receive a payout of $21. To win $100, you’ll need to bet $110, which is the minimum amount you’re willing to bet before the line changes.