Designer – A Human Resource in Corporate America

A designer is a person who designs or constructs things, usually without considering the effect of their actions upon society or people who use the objects designed. A designer is usually engaged in the process of designing or building things and sometimes also writes about the process of designing, but does not actually construct the objects themselves. Designing starts with an idea which can be used as the basis for a plan or blueprint for constructing or arranging matter in some way. A designer works with matter in mind before he begins constructing, drawing up a sketch or model, producing a final copy of his plan, testing the blueprint or model to see it is satisfactory, and then making changes if necessary, and finally submitting it to one or more persons for whom the project will be executed.


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Designer/aths/ academicians/people in other business fields are involved in different industries: fashion design, industrial design, interaction design, visual communications, computer graphics, graphic design, book and magazine design, costume designer, web designer, graphic web designer, multimedia designer, software engineer, computer software engineer, photographer, web developer, multimedia producer/effects producer, theatrical designer, TV/DVD designer, graphic production designer, art director, video game designer, and more. As we said, designers are very involved in the business world, although most are not formally trained economists, politicians, or business consultants. These days they have become the go to guy for companies who want to “green” their image, conduct scientific research, or become involved in environmental issues. The average designer/ath/acad will have had to start as an intern and work their way up through the ranks as they advance in their chosen field of industry.