Design As a Primary Activity

A designer is a person who has the ability to envision and create objects by designing them. A designer is usually involved in the creative process of coming up with ideas for a product, concept, structure, etc. and then putting these ideas into practice. A designer plays an important role in the conceptualization and development of new technology.


There are many types of designer. A graphic designer is a person who uses graphics and images in designing products and making presentations. A web designer uses the World Wide Web in creating websites and other interactive media. An illustrator uses drawings, paintings, and computer-aided design work to create designs or art. A multimedia designer uses computer-generated images and sounds in generating media designs.

Designers have to pay close attention to the details of their job because they have to visualize the end product to clients. Designing may be done on a personal basis for a personal passion or on a professional level as a part of a business. A graphic or web designer can work on his own or be a principal designer for a firm. A domestic client can hire a designer to do some of the work for him and then hire the designer when he/she needs a project from the firm. A principal designer on the other hand will do most of the work for a domestic client while the designer on the web will do most of the work for a web client.