Common Types of Designers

A designer plays a crucial role in any creative business. With elements such as typography, illustration, photographs and layouts, a designer is always on the lookout for new and fresh ideas to implement into their work. A good designer knows how to balance creativity with efficiency and knows how to make the most of their skills by applying them in different areas of their work. Being able to creatively problem solve and produce quality work is what makes a designer successful in their line of work.


The average designer will be hired on a freelance basis to take on some of the more challenging and specialized work, which they are capable of doing. Freelance designers range all over the spectrum from graphic designers who are hired to do general design projects, to Internet marketers who are hired to create advertising designs for websites, to interior designers who are hired to design space planning and furniture layout projects. Designers also work as contract designers and product designers, so knowing the various areas of designers’ careers is important. When choosing a designer, it is best to find someone with a wide variety of skills and who has good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Some of the most common types of designers include graphic design, web design and Illustrator designers. All three of these types are responsible for visual communication, which is where the designer uses everyday to “show the world” something that they have created through the eye of the beholder. For example, if you go to your local supermarket, you will see a shelf or two lined up with different products, each having a different look and appeal. A graphic designer is responsible for understanding the lines and colors of a product line, understanding how a product is laid out on a shelf, and being able to make the most of the product line’s visuals to make them appealing to the public. In a similar way, an Internet marketer must be able to use a visual to effectively convey their message to the public.